2014 Author Walk of Fame

Kobo Writing Life

For the second time, Kobo Writing Life awarded a star on Frankfurt Book Fair’s Walk of Fame to two bestselling authors: Joanna Penn and Matthias Matting, in the flurry of camera flashes.

Check out the photos below and find out more about Matthias Matting and Joanna Penn in their interviews with KWL European Manager Camille Mofidi.

Interview with Matthias Matting Matthias Matting

  1. What is the situation of the German market in terms of eBooks and self-publishing in 2014?

The German market has matured in the last year, even if it still lies 2 years behind the US and UK. But the German market also has its own specificities like the fixed price law: “Buchpreisbindungsgesetz.” This past year, there has been a boom in Germany’s self-publishing scene.

  1. Which strategy should indie authors be using today?

If authors are already known, they should be everywhere to maximise their visibility. But if they’re new into…

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